Chopsticks Acupuncture

A book by Shmuel Halevi Ph.D


Chopsticks Acupuncture is the ultimate self-treatment technique. It makes use of acupuncture, probably the most sophisticated medical system ever invented, in a way that has never been tried before. In this book, Shmuel Halevi details a comprehensive self-treatment system, for many disease syndromes, ranging from simple backache to heart conditions. There are many acupuncture-profession inner-chamber secrets too in this book, being exposed to the public. The knowledge how to invert your fetus position in case of a “breech” mal-position, or how to resuscitate from drowning or syncope, and more. All these are being brought forward to the wide public in a detailed, illustrated format, that can turn every reader into an efficient self healer.

 Dr. Halevi is a well known Chinese medicine expert. His articles for professional acupuncture practitioners, have been published in the past 20 years both on the internet as well as in top-leading acupuncture magazines. He is reputed for his unique medical approach, and for his outstanding renovations in the practice of acupuncture. His innovation on acupuncture eye treatments by Snail-Shell-Moxibustion for instance, or his special technique of Fire-Needling acupuncture are being used today by many acupuncturists throughout the world.

 Also Chopsticks Acupuncture, is a unique contribution to the field, invented by Shmuel Halevi. This time though, the development of this technique is aimed at the wide public, rather than the professional circles. By this method, people are given an amazingly effective medical tool, enabling them to take care, by themselves, of many pain syndromes, as well as other functional disorders. The system makes use of the most effective acupuncture points, manipulating them powerfully to a degree of effectiveness surpassing by large other existing forms of acu-pressure. The method is very easy to master, no prior medical education is required, and the results, at least for pain syndromes, are usually immediate.

 At the beginning of his book, Shmuel precedes few explanatory chapters about Chinese medicine. These introductory chapters acquaintances the reader with the history and development of acupuncture, and with the basics of Chinese medical philosophy and physiology. This knowledge is brought forward in simple language, for the benefit of the interested lay person. Still, it  encompasses (in short) most basic concepts and terminology of Chinese medicine, necessary for the lay-reader to take a full advantage of this practical book. (Sample excerpts from the book may be read at this link).

 The main body of the book is organized in anatomically ordered chapters. Head and senses disorders, upper limbs, trunk and internal organs, lower limbs and systemic and general health problems. Every disease syndrome has an introductory section, explaining the disorder in terms of Chinese medicine energetic concepts. Then a prescription of acu-points for treatment is suggested, to be used with the Chopsticks stimulation. Every acu-point is summarized for the sake of general knowledge, as well as for its appropriate utilization by the Chopsticks Acupuncture technique.  The points are fully illustrated, showing their exact anatomical locations, as well as their proper handling with the stick stimulation.

 This book is undoubtedly a must-have for people who wish and are able to take full responsibility for their health and well-being. It is also a jewel for those interested in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as a general predilection. And, above all… it will teach you how to resolve your lumbago problem in such a short time that will cause your G.P. puzzlement and disbelief...


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