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General guidelines

1. Please locate the appropriate category for your posting prior to starting a new thread. If you wish to reply/comment to an already posted message, choose the category and topic and then locate the thread you wish to add your message. In order to take a general view at the most recent posts, it is recommended to click the 1,3 or 7 days view buttons on the left panel. It is also a good method to locate your own recent posts and see if they have received any subsequent references.

2. Please avoid using profanities or impolite language. Offending messages will be deleted by the administrator of this forum.

3. This board does not allow personal or other advertizing. Posts which include advertizements will be promptly deleted from the forum.

4. If you wish to attach/upload an image to the board, please make sure to reduce the JPG/Gif dimensions to the smallest format possible.

5. If you need help on issues such as formatting or using this forum technically, please refer to the documentation on the left panel. If you have not found a solution to your problem you may send an Email to the administrator of this board.

6. It is strongly recommended to perform a search through the forum database before posting a new message. In many occasions you may find an answer to your query by doing so.

User accounts
1. Participants of this forum are encouraged to register by Email to the administrator. Registering is free of charge and help us maintain a database of this forum members. Registered users will receive a password to enter in their new posts, and a confirmation of their membership. This membership entitles Email notification of new posts to their threads, inclusion in the forum's mailing-list for various announcements and more.

2. After reception of the password, each user can enter the Edit Profile link on the right pane of the board and manage his/her profile. This includes all personal data including a new pass, or Email notification configuration and more.