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Metal Guiding Tubes for Needle Insertion


Have you ever had difficulty in finding a guiding tube for a needle that had thick coiling spring handle?

Well, here is an offer choice between three metal Japanese style guiding tubes, made of:

Round brass

Hexagon brass

Round copper


First tube - 6 cm long - fitting needles (net length) 4-5 cm

Second tube - 4 cm long - fitting needles (net length) 2-2.5 cm

Third tube - 3 cm long - fitting needles (net length) 1 cm


All tubes have a 3mm bore (inner dia.), thus fitting all types of needles, including those special and beautiful needles with coiled or

double coiled handle spring. The guiding tubes are fun to use, can be in your pocket during your working hours for fast drawing

and utilization.


A set of three tubes costs: 40 U.S.$ including the surface airmail postage and handling. If you wish to order 2 sets of tubes, price

is only:  60 U.S.$ and 3 sets: 80 U.S.$ - these prices include surface air-mail shipping & handling.


Please indicate which metal tubes you wish to buy on the order form.







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