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Grandfather Grandson, and other names
Scheuermann's Disease
Depression Auricular Point
Dry Mouth
Patients cun in locating SP6 and ST36
Oriental Pulse Diagnosis and 5 Element Command Points
ST25 & SP15
DU4 & BL23
Ear points
Needling of SP21
Anti tobacco point
Auricular Anatomy
Diabetes type 1
Treatment Time and Intervals
Treatment of ringworm with acupuncture?
UB points on the head
Grand Piqure
Ear infection
Grow taller in teenagers
Algodystrophy hip
Varicose veins in legs
Ren (CV)-12
Points for impotence
Scapula pain
Beningn prostatic hyperplasia (BPS) - is it curable by ac...
Roaming Arthritis
Zona Zoster
Acupuncture Children
A way to find the right point for treatment
Acupoints database
Help with treating slipped disc
Symptoms mostly on the right side
Self treatment?
Chong mai tonification
Acupuncture reaction
TMJ treatment
Stop thisn spam please
Sciatica and thigh and leg pain
Bl-40 weizhong question
Extra Point Xiangyang
Acupoints database
Yin Qiao Mai & Yang Qiao Mai
Back pain from bone metastasis
ALS: Lou Gehrig’s disease
Points for skin diseases
Snoring and apnoea
Acupoint Stimulation
Needling through...
Bad-Food Poissoning?
Hegu and Waiguan for Hypertension
How Does Acupuncture Work
Yin & KD deficiency & metabolic moods in active adult...
Justified procedure?
Acu-point Yin tang
Bl-54 zhibian
Spinal Stenosis
Electrical shock...
Liechueh L-7
Nocturnal emission
CV-17... can be punctured or not?
The use of St-9 Renying
Li-20 Yingxiang
Li-11 for tenis elbow
Ren-22 Tiantu
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